The Inns of Court

Yesterday I went on a walking tour of the Inns of Court. I was probably the youngest on the tour by about 25 years, but oh well. It was a really interesting walk, we started off in Lincoln’s Inn Fields, which is a square lined with gorgeous houses, all of which are occupied by professional offices now. The square is also home to the Queen’s solicitors, Farrer & Co:

farrer & co

We took in all four Inns of Court – Gray’s Inn, Lincoln’s Inn, Inner Temple and Middle Temple. Gray’s Inn had beautiful gardens but Lincoln’s Inn had the best buildings:lincoln's

Apparently the BBC likes to film their costume dramas around Lincoln’s Inn!

Inner Temple is home to a church that was built by the Templars in the 13th century:

inner temple

And Middle Temple has the prettiest lane!

middle temple

Any barrister in England has to belong to one of the four Inns. This dates back to when the Inns actually undertook the education of barristers, and they were residential colleges along the lines of Oxford and Cambridge. Now they still do play a role in the education of barristers through the school in Gray’s Inn, but they are occupied by barristers’ chambers, solicitors’ offices and judges’ offices.