Knit in Public Day

It was World Knit in Public Day yesterday, and here in London that meant a knit crawl – a knit out starting at St Paul’s, moving on to the Tate Modern, then the London Eye and finally Trafalgar Square.

Unfortunately I missed St Paul’s as I was mastering the British art of queuing to pick up a parcel at the post office.  However I met up with a bunch of lovely knitters at the Tate Modern.  I got there a little early and had a quick look around.  I saw Marcel Duchamp’s famous Fountain – otherwise known as the urinal mounted on a pedestal – but the rest will have to wait for another visit, including the Dali exhibition containing The Persistence of Memory, which I missed at MoMA on account of it being here!

I also went along to the London Eye, where we sat out on the grass and knitted for a while.  It was very noisy though with buskers everywhere and some annoying drummers who could apparently keep up the same beat for hours on end.  Then it was across the bridge to Trafalgar Square, which was full of protesters wanting Israel to get out of Palestine.  By this time I’d had enough of heat, stickiness, crowds and uncomfortable sitting positions so I headed home.  Here are a couple of photos I took though:


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