I’d really like to grill some ciabatta bread.  However, the only thing I know about gas ovens is that they’re a really good way to kill yourself, whether intentionally or by accident.

So far I have figured out how to turn the gas on and stick my head in,  Sylvia Plath-style (always good to know), however I’m no closer to getting my bread warm and toasted.

So if anyone can enlighten me on the oven that would be greatly appreciated.  We don’t really do gas in NZ, unless it’s for fancy-schmancy stoves that light themselves. (Bugger, I remembered we had a sandwich grill in the kitchen which would have been great, only it wasn’t a sandwich press, it was a toastie maker).

In other news, I met up with Theresa today and she took me to a neat little Kiwi/Aussie coffee place called Flat White.  What with the Kiwi accents filling the place, to the Anzac biscuits and L&P on the shelves, it really felt like home!  We know how to do good cafes, that’s for sure.

Now, so I don’t leave you without a photo, here’s one I took in Chinatown yesterday:

Theresa thinks I’m weird, but I like colourful shop windows!  In a way it’s very English, even though the food is Oriental.

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