New room

Big catch up

A couple of weekends ago I hopped on the bus and went to Cheltenham to visit the family.  It was great!  As well as seeing my cousin’s kids for the first time and meeting my uncle’s wife, my aunt took me around a bit.  The weather was atrocious but oh well.  The first day we went to Stratford-upon-Avon and saw Shakespeare’s birthplace:

Then we headed to Warwick Castle, but it cost 18 pounds to get into the castle!  And there were several busloads full of annoying children.  So we escaped from the rain and went to a nice pub for lunch.

On Saturday we did a bit of shopping and met my cousin Rachel for lunch at a nice country pub:

And on Sunday we went to Sudeley Castle:

before heading to a (rather chilly) barbecue at my uncle’s house.

On Monday we went to Bath, which was absolutely gorgeous.  We stumbled upon a cafe where everything just happened to be vegetarian and delicious!   We also visited the Roman Baths and the Assembly Rooms and costume museum.

I also had to snap a photo of this perfect English queue:

Heaps more photos up on Flickr.

Current knitting…

I sort of got sick of knitting Knitty’s Thermal and wanted something more suited to summer and at a larger gauge!  I will pick it up again when the weather gets cold, I think (which could be tomorrow, knowing London weather).

So I took myself down to loop in Islington and bought the pattern and supplies for the Blue Sky Alpacas Eyelet Cardigan.  I’m using their organic cotton and I have to say it bears absolutely no resemblance to regular cotton.  It is so soft and fluffy (and yes, sheds everywhere).  I love it.  I bought the cream but you can also get green, and some light brown shades, in the colours they come off the cotton plant (that is, they are not dyed).  I love the idea of these undyed coloured cottons and will definitely work with them again one day.  In fact I have a bit of a project in mind…

The best part is the cardigan is knit on 4.5mm needles and I am racing along.  It practically knits itself.  Here’s the progress so far:

I should add that not much of that was done during the knit crawl yesterday – I kept stuffing up!  I’m useless at knitting in a group.  However it is a very easy pattern and the lace keeps it just interesting enough.

Knit in Public Day

It was World Knit in Public Day yesterday, and here in London that meant a knit crawl – a knit out starting at St Paul’s, moving on to the Tate Modern, then the London Eye and finally Trafalgar Square.

Unfortunately I missed St Paul’s as I was mastering the British art of queuing to pick up a parcel at the post office.  However I met up with a bunch of lovely knitters at the Tate Modern.  I got there a little early and had a quick look around.  I saw Marcel Duchamp’s famous Fountain – otherwise known as the urinal mounted on a pedestal – but the rest will have to wait for another visit, including the Dali exhibition containing The Persistence of Memory, which I missed at MoMA on account of it being here!

I also went along to the London Eye, where we sat out on the grass and knitted for a while.  It was very noisy though with buskers everywhere and some annoying drummers who could apparently keep up the same beat for hours on end.  Then it was across the bridge to Trafalgar Square, which was full of protesters wanting Israel to get out of Palestine.  By this time I’d had enough of heat, stickiness, crowds and uncomfortable sitting positions so I headed home.  Here are a couple of photos I took though:

Market day!

Of course, London is famous for its markets. So on Friday I took myself down to London’s biggest food market, the Borough Market, to have a look. I could say more but see for yourself:

I was in heaven.  I think I will do much of my shopping there once I move into town!  It won’t be good for the bank balance but at least I’ll eat well.  On this trip I was quite restrained – I bought some olives, some brownies for me, Jason and Vicky, and some London honey (some people have beehives on their roofs here!). Oh, and some divine-smelling organic lemons to go with the honey.  The honey was very expensive but I’m hoping it will help with my hayfever. It’s high pollen season here and the three different kinds of medication I’m taking aren’t doing much…