What to knit?

I need a new knitting project. There are three contenders:

1. Dollar and a half cardigan

2. Twiggy tunic

3. Pinup Queen

I don’t know! At the moment I am leaning towards Twiggy because it will be nice and quick, but it will be very important to get the size right. It knits up very long and narrow, but then when you wear it it stretches sideways and therefore gets shorter. However I have seen this turn out like a dress on some people – very stretchy and saggy. The recommended yarn is an expensive 70% silk/30% cotton blend so I will be subbing, probably with bamboo, maybe with Sirdar’s baby bamboo which contains some wool, so it should have some elasticity.  Also, the model has no breasts, what will it look like on me?

Dollar and a half, love the pattern, love cardigans, but again with the yarn substitution. I’d love to knit it with the recommended yarn but it’s slightly obscure and not available here that I know of. Are there any UK knitters here? Yarn suggestions?

Pinup I have always wanted to knit, so I cleverly photocopied the pattern before leaving all my knitting books back in NZ. Classic Elite Lush is again waaay out of my budget, so again I’ll be wanting to sub. But what with? A mohair blend? My eyes don’t do so well with mohair. I can just see this being a really versatile sweater though.

Please help me decide!


2 thoughts on “What to knit?

  1. I vote for Pin-up Queen! I have that in my queue, I’m planning on using some alpaca-merino for it…I just have to finish off about 378405214786 works in progress first!

  2. I vote for the dollar and a half cardigan because I think that would be the best garment to own and wear 🙂 and it’s pretty. The other two has a much higher chance of looking silly on people.

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