I’ve been working, I’ve been knitting, I’ve been hanging out with my flatmates, oh and I’ve been spending too much money at the Portobello Road markets!  I did buy a lovely secondhand cashmere sweater jumper though.  It’s got a low scoop neck and dark teal and brown stripes.

I have also bought a pair of casual brown Mary Janes to replace the brand new sneakers trainers that disintegrated in the rain in Paris (I think they were made of cardboard).  I will not tell you what I had to go through to get these Mary Janes, let me just say that both shoe shop service and courier service are somewhat lacking here compared with NZ.  Anyway, I have them and I love them, but I have no socks to wear with them.

So now I am seriously contemplating knitting socks.  Like a whole pair this time.  It seems that IKnitLondon has the best sock yarn range in London although I’m going to the Innocent Village Fete this Saturday so can’t make it down there.  I may just have to order off the internet.  So much to choose from though!


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