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The price of indecision – I bought yarn for all three projects! But only because most of it was on sale. You may not be able to see very well but there’s some Debbie Bliss Stella on the left, that’s for the cardigan if I can get gauge, something I’m a little unsure about. The yardage is the same as for the Soft Linen, but I have a feeling the thickness of the yarns is quite different. Anyway, I am knitting a sweeve (that’s a portmanteau of sleeve and swatch – ooh, another word for my knit blog glossary I think) so we shall see.

The divine looking alpaca silk in the middle is for the Pinup Queen sweater. I have no worries about this one.

The bamboo is for the Twiggy sweater. There’s not enough there, but I will have a good idea how much more I need when I have knit some of it. This will require some gauge experimentation too, but I can try using 3 strands held together instead of 4 if 4 is too bulky. We shall see!

I feel a lot less guilty about buying so much yarn now that I’ve managed to secure some work – but more on that later. Besides which, it’ll all be long gone before the next John Lewis sale!


One thought on “Stash!

  1. Well done on the work front – and you’re right to buy the yarn in the sale. It doesn’t go off, and this round of sales have been really good – I’ll bet if you do some creative accounting, it will almost work out to be free!

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