Friday 13

So I had a rather shitty morning yesterday, which I won’t go into except to say that people had warned me you get those days in London sometimes, and as they say, forewarned is forearmed.

But wanting to see a familiar face I organised to meet up with Kalman, who arrived in London last week.  I introduced him and his sister to Flat White (I am so going to be a regular there), we watched the new Harry Potter film in Leicester Square (good), and then we were walking along the road when what should happen but Kalman looks into a pub window and sees Charlotte.

I had also been warned that this sort of thing happens in London far more often than it should for a city of 7 million people!  It turned out it was Charlotte’s leaving do – she’s off to China for 2 1/2 months.

Incidentally, we also saw what looked like Shilpa Shetty getting into a pretty flash car out the back of The Sound of Music.   Although Kalman gets the credit for spotting her too, and it may have been some other Bollywood star, I’m not sure, but she looked mighty familiar to both of us.

What a day in in the big city!


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