Grimmauld Place

Still on Harry Potter (and no doubt will be for some time leading up to and after next weekend).

When I saw the film the other day I almost went nuts when I saw Grimmauld Place.  The style of the terraced houses was identical to the typical building style here in Bloomsbury.  I was absolutely convinced I had seen Grimmauld Place before and that it must be somewhere near here!  That would be borne out if the filming location chosen for Grimmauld Place is in reality close to Kings Cross, as it is in the story.

So I did some internet searching and didn’t really turn up anything concrete, until I saw mention on a forum that Grimmauld Place shows up on Google Maps.   How about that?  You will recall that I live on the corner of Judd and Cromer, just a couple of blocks southwest of where Google Maps puts Grimmauld Place.  I’ll have to wander over and take a photo someday soon.

2 thoughts on “Grimmauld Place

  1. Hi!

    I’VE FOUND IT! I’ve found the real filming location of the Georgian exterior of Grimmauld Place!

    The house facade shown in OotP and here (almost halfway through the clip as “Background Reference Plate”) is perfectly identical to the facade of Numbers 23-29 Claremont Square in Islington (near Angel tube station).

    And when you search Google for “grimmauld” together with “claremont”, the footnotes in the first entry give proof of this.

    The arrangement of the streets doesn’t fit in, but this must’ve been CGI-manipulated.

    Greetings from Germany (where I apparently have too much time)! 😉


    PS: Two words to all those who still believe in Lincoln’s Inn Fields being the right filming location: IT ISN’T! 😉

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