Well, I have two weekends worth of stuff to blog about now!

Last weekend I checked out the famous Portobello Road market, and it did not disappoint.

I bought a lovely Patrizia Pepe cashmere sweater at one of the secondhand cashmere stalls, it’s lovely and I’ve worn it nearly every day since as it gets a little nippy in the evenings here.  It was great just wandering around and soaking up the atmosphere.  If I ever make it big I think I’ll move to Notting Hill.  For now, intellectual Bloomsbury suits me fine.

This weekend my friend Kalman and I went to the Innocent Village Fete, which I mentioned a few posts down.  Summer was finally here and it was a really hot day!  The fete was a blend of a music festival and a traditional village fete with hoopla, tombola, a fun fair, and maypole dancing:

However that picture does not really adequately convey exactly how packed the fete was, or how hot it was.  Whenever you wanted to go somewhere, you had to step over all of the bodies on picnic blankets and girls in tiny bikini tops getting sunburn on top of their sunburn (as NZers, something we did not understand AT ALL).  We were starting to wilt a little after a few hours there, and came back to my favourite square near me, Gordon Square (central hub of the Bloomsbury Group, as Virginia Woolf used to live there), where we lay in the shade and had a bit of a siesta.

(and yes, the sky really was that blue!  must’ve been a low-pollution day as Kalman got terribly burnt and I went a bit on the pink side where my bag straps and clothes had rubbed off the spf40)

Now of course I’m wishing I had taken more photos.


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