Small things

Well, since the Stonehenge fiasco this morning I’ve been inside all day, finishing my Dollar and a Half cardigan. And I do mean all day. Photos of that later, when there’s light.

So I have no photos of famous monuments, but I did take a few photos of things around my room today though:

My consolation cup of tea.

Cape gooseberries, known here as physalis. I love these – they have the texture of a cherry tomato, but a lovely tart flavour. Kalman was too wimpy to try them! I used to grow them in my garden (about the only way you can get hold of them in NZ); hopefully I will again one day.

I got the last copy of the new Interweave at Stash yesterday. Must subscribe again!

And last but not least:

Meet Prunilla. I’ve been saying I needed a piggy bank for ages now, long before my wallet split open the other day because of the sheer amount of coins of various currencies I was carrying. But it had to be the right piggy bank. Then I was at Stables Market in Camden Town yesterday and saw her. A papier mache pig covered in patchwork fabric. She’s perfect! And a lovely souvenir from one of the quirkiest, most atmospheric markets I’ve ever been to – sadly I understand it is soon to be bulldozed in the name of urban regeneration.


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