This is a picture of Stonehenge, taken by someone other than me. You and I will just have to imagine I was there (for accuracy’s sake, you should probably imagine more rain in the picture). ETA I have been contacted by the owner of the photo, head on over to David Ryan Photography for more luscious photos.

I was looking forward to going to Stonehenge all week. I got an early night last night, got up very early this morning, walked in the pouring rain to the pickup stop at the Royal National Hotel at 7:30 am, and stood there under my umbrella. And stood. And stood.

Unfortunately I had left the tour company’s phone number at home, so at about 8 I walked back in the pouring rain (my jeans were sodden by this stage) and gave them a call. I got a recorded message saying my call was unable to be connected. I called several more times, then went to the tour company’s website, which said that the tour left from 8:15 most days. What if (contrary to instructions) I was meant to get the bus at 8:30, not 7:30? Back to the hotel. More waiting. More phone calls.

Home and an email to the company that booked me on the tour. They’ve just called me back to say that three people have contacted them to say the same thing today. They can’t get through to the tour company either. They have been using that tour company for years without any problems. They’ll get back to me when they find out what the story is.

Bloody typical! (I’m going to count how many posts I end with that phrase)


One thought on “Stonehenge

  1. What a hassle to wait for a bus that never shows. How frustrating. But maybe, in a weird way, it’s a blessing in disguise—-maybe when they re-book you (which they should) the day will be warm and sunny—-and not rainy and cold like it is now. Good luck. Hey, by the way, I LOVE your Jaywalker socks. They’re great.

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