Stonehenge update

So I feel I should post an update on the Stonehenge situation. Apparently there was a gas leak in the road and the bus drivers couldn’t get to the buses, and the office people couldn’t get to the office to man the phones. They have offered me a half price trip at another time, which I have taken a raincheck on as I am pretty well booked up for the foreseeable future.

This weekend is a Bank Holiday weekend, which means on Monday we all get a day off work. I’m not quite sure why England has all of these unspecified public holidays when they don’t even celebrate Queen’s Birthday, not to mention English history has many historical events that could be celebrated with a day in their favour. But who’s arguing when you get a day off work?

Anyway, thanks to this unspecified public holiday, my friend Katherine and I are taking a three-day tour of Wales. The weather forecast is good so we have our fingers crossed! Can we get through a bank holiday weekend without rain? Place your bets now! All the same, I’m packing my umbrella.

The worst part is that I have to be at the pick up point (near Victoria Station, about a 10-minute tube ride and 10-minute walk from here) by 7:15 Saturday morning. Painful!

Next weekend I’m off to Warrington on the train to spend a weekend celebrating Dan’s 30th birthday.

Given that the cancelled Stonehenge trip, and the fact that London has been rather dismal lately, it will be good to get out of the city!


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