Come on, Brittany!

I know many of the knitbloggers out there have had a really positive experience receiving their replacement needles from Brittany.  Unfortunately, that has not been the case for me.  You will remember that over a month ago I snapped a Brittany dpn on the day I bought it, as I was casting on!  Or maybe you won’t, it’s not even on the front page of my blog any more!  That very day I emailed them to take advantage of their 5-year guarantee.  I didn’t expect to hear from them straight away as apparently they only check their email once a week.  So I waited for four weeks (to allow for international postage as well) and emailed them again.  I still haven’t heard back, and there’s no sign of a replacement needle.

Now I am sad.  But now that I have posted this, maybe I will go home and find it sticking through my mail slot.  At any rate, I’m sticking to bamboo from now on.


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