Knitty – first impressions

There’s some nice stuff in the new Knitty!  And some stuff that seems to be more “miss” than “hit”, as usual.  I know there were some great patterns that were rejected, which was a shame, but then I also understand the need to have a range of patterns (sweaters, bags, kids knits, socks, hats, novelty) to appeal to a range of people.

Those are my first thoughts, anyway.  Later in the day I think I’ll be doing a bit of adding to my Ravelry queue!

Later –

Like very much and want to knit: Henry, Cherie Amour

Like and may knit: Roam, Neiman (love it in fact, just a bit nervous that I’m rather more top-heavy than the model – who should probably be wearing a bra in the photo all the same – so may wait to see how it turns out on others first.  But it actually reminds me of a recent Interweave pattern, so I may just knit that instead), Urchin, Cinderella (Mum’s been angling for some more slipper socks, maybe I’ll get them done for next winter!  Also two needles, no seams – how? Must find out!)

Like but not totally my style: Mr Greenjeans, Muir, Tussie Mussie, ppr (what with it being a man’s sweater and all)

The totally cute award: Woodins


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