Tonight’s dinner!

What do you do when you want fresh pesto but don’t have a mortar and pestle?

The basil plant in my bedroom has really outdone itself, and I need to figure out a way to use all of those leaves (apart from smelling them as I water it every day). However I don’t have a mortar and pestle in my rather basic central London kitchen.

Enter my new foodie invention: mix in your mouth pesto!

Cook some good fresh pasta, toss in a glug of good quality olive oil (you know, the kind that actually tastes of olives), grate over some parmesan cheese (or in my case “vegetarian Italian-style hard cheese” – those in NZ ignore that, you’re still allowed to call it parmesan there), top with a handful of pine nuts, a few torn up leaves of fresh basil, and some Maldon sea salt and pepper to taste.

Place in mouth, making sure you have a bit of each ingredient. Chew.

Don’t be stingy with any of the ingredients but do make sure everything you use is top-notch – free range egg pasta, fresh basil leaves, decent sea salt etc. The way they combine together is wonderful and far more fresh and flavoursome than pre-made pesto!


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