Autumn colour at Borough


Go to flickr and look at the large size if you want to fully appreciate the coolness that is macro focus. In a bustling food market you don’t have much time to set up a shot but this one came out pretty much as I wanted – the alien broccoli stuff (what is that stuff called, anyway?) in super-sharp focus surrounded by the fuzzier-looking kale.

Which reminds me, Miz Booshay aka Donna asked the other day what kind of lens I use on my camera. To which I replied (in my head): Hahahahahaha! (please forgive me)  In fact my camera is a compact Canon A710 IS with no special lenses or anything. But to tell you the truth it is by far the best compact camera I have ever used and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to get great photos with little effort. Or, if you want to put more effort in it offers shutter priority, aperture priority or full manual modes. I am very happy with it and as you can see I am getting some good shots from it, although it makes me want to upgrade to a more professional camera! But it is using this camera that has encouraged me enough to want to upgrade. One day…


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