Florence was, of course, gorgeous:

This fake David comes nowhere near the real thing though!
We went to the Accademia gallery to see him, and he was just amazing. Beyond words really. The amount of detail and emotional impact is so much more than you get from any of the copies.

I really wanted to go to the Uffizi gallery too, which is the biggest art gallery in Florence, but I decided I wanted to do it properly, so it will have to wait until next time I am in Florence.

And really, what to say about Florence itself? Birthplace of the Renaissance, home to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, oops I mean Leonardo, Michaelangelo, Donatello and Raphael, Machiavelli (for those without a political philosophy degree, you ever hear the phrase “the end justifies the means”? Machiavelli.), Galileo, Dante, the Medicis, and in more recent times Armani and Salvatore Ferragamo. That’s a pretty star-studded guest list. In a way Florence still feels like you may turn a corner and see Leonardo walking somewhere with plans tucked under his arm, or Michaelangelo storming around mouthing off every other sculptor in town. It’s a place where you really can feel the history, the art, the culture. In fact, I deliberately left out the Uffizi so I would have to go back. So it’s farewell, Florence, but not goodbye.


One thought on “Florence

  1. Yes. The David. Heavenly.

    We saw him in April (Easter Week) and we waited in line……three hours. No one understood why I would make them wait in line three hours. But after seeing him.

    They understood.

    I was in Florence 27 years ago.

    There was no charge.
    I was practically alone.
    I took pictures.
    My grandmother thought one picture would have been enough :o)

    Lovely pictures as usual.

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