Autumn food challenge

Wandering around markets can be inspirational. On Friday I looked at all of the yummy food in the Borough Market and yesterday I people-watched in Camden. The one gave me inspiration for autumn food and the other for autumn fashion. More on the fashion later. Right now: food!

I’m going to make it my mission this month to cook more. I’ve had to greatly simplify my style of cooking since moving here, as I have a small kitchen without many gadgets or storage space for ingredients. So my challenge is to cook at home as much as possible, with seasonal ingredients as much as possible, and within the limits of my little kitchen. And I’m going to try and use ingredients that I may be unfamiliar with or not use very often, and recipes that are outside my usual repertoire. Easy, right?

Since today is not a market day I’m going to stock up at the supermarket and whole food shop, but I’m going to buy my vegetables at markets as much as possible. There is a farmers market opening soon at the new St Pancras International which will be ideal as it’s only a two minute walk down the road.

So, off I go!

ETA: back from the supermarket with two Envirosax (buy some, now!) full of yummy looking things from the whole food shop and Waitrose, including:

  • Cavolo nero
  • Jerusalem artichoke
  • Leeks
  • Celery
  • Mushrooms
  • Big bag of baby spinach
  • Tofu cutlets
  • Chicken-style pieces
  • Filo pastry
  • Vecon (concentrated vegetable stock – looks and smells pretty bad in the jar, but when it’s made up it’s much better than powdered vegetable stock and nearly as good as liquid)
  • Creme fraiche (from France – I tried to get all British fresh produce and this was my only trip-up, apparently you can’t get British crème fraiche) oh! I lie:
  • Anchor butter (New Zealand grass-fed goodness)
  • Olive oil
  • Arborio rice

My mind is now racing over all the things I can make with this haul.  Any ideas, let me know!  I think tonight however will be the tofu cutlets with a small sampling of all of the vegetables I bought (I’ve never tried cavolo nero or jerusalem artichoke before so I want to get a feel for them) – then tomorrow I can really go to town!


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