Dinners so far

I am so proud of myself! Dinner number 1 consisted of the tofu cutlets (yum), two Jerusalem artichokes and some cavolo nero. The artichokes were boiled (the water, left on the stove, turned a rather frightening shade of green!) and then the artichokes and cavolo nero were sauteed in olive oil with some ginger and garlic. Then I squeezed lemon juice over the lot and added a handful of toasted pine nuts. On the side of the plate you see my appetiser, celery spread with some organic peanut butter. I’m not a huge fan of celery but the combination is definitely a winner.

The artichokes are packed with iron, potassium and vitamin C (perfect really – no need to add extra vit C to the meal to aid digestion of the iron, although it’s there in the lemon juice too), the cavolo nero has lots of vitamins, iron and calcium. The tofu is also a good source of iron and calcium. The pine nuts and peanut butter – also very nutritious! How healthy do I feel? And how about the taste? I loved the Jerusalem artichokes – they really do taste like artichokes. The cavolo nero was a revelation. With the lemon juice it was amazing.

Dinner number 2:

Filo pie and more cavolo nero! A pie like this is really easy to make. I cooked up some onion, garlic, leek, mushrooms and spinach, added a little stock, creme fraiche, a good handful of walnut halves and some flour to thicken, spread the whole lot in a casserole dish and topped with layers of slightly scrunchy filo, dotted between each sheet and on top with some olive oil. Then it just needs to go in the oven until the top is brown and crispy. I have so much of this pie left I am seriously considering having it for breakfast.


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