Other Christmas cakes

I love looking at Christmas baking traditions around the world. In Germany we had the most wonderful spiced biscuits made from pressing the biscuit dough into detailed wooden moulds. We also had Zimtsterne, which I am sure to make this year so stay tuned (does anyone know where I can buy large quantities of cheap ground almonds? I’m thinking an Indian grocery perhaps).

When I lived with Marissa, every year she would buy large quantities of dried fruit and other ingredients to take home with her to Sri Lanka for Christmas. Half of her luggage allowance would be fruit! I wondered at the size of cake it would make. She would always bring back a little chunk of Christmas cake with her, and boy was it good. One year I got her to write down the process of making a Sri Lankan Christmas cake, and you can find it over on her blog.

What is your favourite Christmas baking?


2 thoughts on “Other Christmas cakes

  1. My mom (and now I do the same) make these mini cherry cheesecake tarts every Christmas. They are so dangerous! You end up eating 5, which is the equivalent of 2.5 slices of cheesecake, but it doesn’t feel like it because you ate it in two bites. Positively lethal!

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