Photo catch-up

You can’t really see very well in the previous post, but the photos were taken by the Holy Cross Church next to my building. The church is pure London – covered in soot and incredibly spooky. I must take some photos soon – if the moon was still out I would do so now, but it’s clouded over.

It’s time to play catch-up with some pictures from my trip. The first two need no explanation:



And this is me and my brother at a New Year’s Eve party:


We went to a party at the British Consulate Residence over on the East Side in a building with FIVE doormen and a great view of the river. The party itself was strange – absolutely packed with people, it resembled the party scene from Breakfast at Tiffany’s except a lot less wild, at least until the guests had had enough alcohol to loosen up a bit. The apartment was huge and beautiful and full of the sort of African masks and whatnot that diplomats’ houses seem to be littered with, and I was very glad I did not have to be there for the morning clean-up job.

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