opinions please

The following is the text of an ad up in the tube at the moment.  I would like your opinions, especially from my male readers.

Chris had a long face.  The wife wanted a new family car and this had the potential to blow a huge hole in his finances, not to mention the other plans he had for his money.

A little bird told him to get down to Cargiant where he bought a quality used car that kept the wife more than happy and saved himself a tidy little sum in the process.  Just enough for a wicked weekend in Paris…

… with the girlfriend, tweet tweet!


6 thoughts on “opinions please

  1. One wonders why wife doesn’t have sufficient awareness of his income and outgoings (particularly if she has no income of her own) to notice such a thing. Even if they maintain separate accounts she should have an order of magnitude estimate – enough to notice a bit of a financial stretch like this trip to Paris seems to be.

    OTOH it’s slightly more sophisticated than the burger king tv ads

    its a girl
    in a bikini
    on a horse
    see tits bounce
    bounce, tits, bounce!
    go buy a burger!

    It almost makes me wish I ate burger king, so my boycott actually meant something.

  2. a trip to Paris doesn’t have to be expensive, but this isn’t the point, yes it’s fun especially because there’s the unexpected twist at the end

    can you send me a video of the burger king ad? just so I can judge myself, we don’t have it here…

  3. Thanks for dropping by hofflimits, Sarah, and posting about this tacky little ad. I think the other thing about it is the visuals of “Chris” – At first you see him looking self-satisfied because he has got a great deal on his car. Then once you read the bit about his girlfriend, suddenly you realise the image is, in fact, horribly lecherous and sleazy – adding to the overall tackiness of the ad.

  4. I’m one of the creative team responsible for the ad. so I thought I’d give you my perspective…

    1. The ad campaign is all about what different character types do with the time or money they save by going to Cargiant.

    2. There are four ads in the sequence – a good family man with a tiresome mother in-law, a young woman who hates smarmy sales men, a young buck who wants to outsmart the office know-it-all and Chris, the slimy sod.

    The campaign, and if you use the underground/look at the backs of buses you will see all of the creatives… which give ‘Chris’ a context.

    In short it’s not about CarGiant it’s about what we as individuals want when we’re buying a new car, what it takes to put a Giant Smile on our faces… save a weekend, treat the mother in law to a long holiday to the old country, wipe the smaile of a rivals face… or ‘Chris’…

    3. He is a smarmy sod isn’t he – you can see that we made a point of choosing a smarmy self satisfied ‘look’. He is not symathetically portrayed.

    4. This sort of toungue in cheek humour has been the bedrock of British comedy since (and before) tyhe days of carry-on

    Anyway, even if you don’t agree with me, hopefully that gives some context. The aim is not to offend just to give a little ‘head smile’ and get the cost saving message over.


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