And you thought I wasn’t knitting

You’d be almost right. But slow progress is being made on the knitting front.

These photos are crap because, well, you saw the weather outside. That’s a reason I haven’t posted many knitting photos – no light! But longer days are upon us so if it would stop raining/hailing/snowing/sleeting for half a second… ok, obligatory weather grumble over.


This is cheating because I haven’t actually made any progress on this one since some time last year. I just haven’t shown you a full photo of it yet, that’s all. It’s Thermal from Knitty, knit flat instead of in the round because I didn’t have any circular needles in the right size. And the point of starting it was to use up materials, not buy more. 3mm needles, slow going… and I’m not passionate about it. Love the yarn and the colour though, I may have already mentioned I inherited this from my great Aunty Margaret via my Nana, the yarn came from Scotland (judging from the labels between 60-80 years ago), to England, New York, New Zealand and back to the UK again with me. It’s very special so I am committed to finishing it one day. (just don’t think about the carbon footprint)


This is a baby blanket. The colour’s not quite accurate but you can see the garter texture quite well. It’s made with the softest organic cotton I bought in New York (carbon freak out!). Yum.


This last one is Flicca, by Anna Bell. This has been my main knitting fodder of late and the reason the weather is still crap – as soon as I finish it we’ll have sunny days from here to eternity, mark my words. I’ve done the back, fronts and one sleeve. It’s tempting to feel like I’ve nearly finished, and then I think about the sewing up. Big job. I’m knitting this in the recommended yarn, Sirdar Click, because it’s cheap and I figured for a big cardi like this pure wool would be too heavy and would just stretch it out too much. This is not stopping me from feeling the acrylic guilt though (argh, petroleum product! carbon suicide!) (not to mention the snob factor)

Right, now that we’ve considered all of the ways my favourite hobby is killing the planet, I think I’m going to go and stick my head in the (gas) oven. Fitting, yes?

Although, just as an aside, I’ve been thinking and researching and stuff lately and here’s a site I came across today:

Carbon Fruitprint

There are all sorts of cool ways you can offset your carbon footprint, but I think this is a pretty neat one. Social enterprise + cute kids + my favourite fruit!


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