What I do part II

There is always something on this list that will make me feel better, no matter what:

  • Make a pot of tea with proper loose leaf tea
  • Cook something delicious
  • Dance
  • Wait until everyone has left and then sing in the shower!
  • Knit
  • Take a short walk to Tavistock Square or Gordon Square
  • Light my aromatherapy burner and meditate
  • Sleep on freshly washed sheets
  • Wear a new pair of socks
  • Tidy my room
  • Buying fresh flowers for my room (we modern women buy our own flowers)
  • Walking through a river (that’s a weird one.  The London equivalent is to give myself a foot bath)

Of course there are plenty of things I do with other people that make me feel good too, but it’s important to have things I can do by myself, that don’t take much time. What do you do?

2 thoughts on “What I do part II

  1. my favourite things to do to feel better:
    1. I eat chocolate
    2. do some sports in the outdoors (but takes much more time)
    3. read Sarah’s blog 😉

  2. I put on over the top make up, glitter eye-shadow and red lipstick anyone?
    Sometimes I rifle though my memory boxes and have a good cry over the past for no reason.
    And cryptic crosswords always make me happy.

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