Earth Hour

Well, someone left the heating on last night and I woke up all groggy and dehydrated, a full two hours early. So as I’m drinking my water here I thought “well, what a gift of time! I will use some of that time to update my blog!” (that is perhaps not what I actually thought. But I am trying to practice the positive thinking, peoples!)

Anyway, I remembered Earth Hour is this weekend. Who’s going to be sitting in a darkened room?

What with the excessive use of fossil fuels that’s happening in my flat I feel like we should turn the lights out for a week… but I have a confession to make. I will be sitting in a darkened room… at the theatre. Oh well. I did Lights Out London last year though!

I heard an argument not long ago that Earth Hour and little everyday things like turning lights out when you leave a room, fixing dripping hot taps (I wish my landlord read this), turning appliances off at the wall etc make people feel good about themselves without actually making any real differences to the root causes of climate change, and that people should instead be focusing on the Big Picture. Whatever, I say. Anything that raises consciousness has got to be a good thing, right?

With that, it’s time to turn my lights out once more and get another hour and a half’s sleep!

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