Welcome to Bloomsbury

I absolutely love living in Bloomsbury. Today it felt decidedly spring-like, so I put on a skirt and went for a big walk around the area.

This is the route I took:

You can’t really see but my route took me through or past many of the beautiful squares and gardens in the area.

I walked past Coram’s Fields, which is where the Foundling Hospital (a hospital and orphanage for abandoned babies) used to stand; now it’s a wonderful fenced off playground/sports field/nursery/etc etc for children, and adults are not allowed to enter unless accompanied by someone under the age of 12. There were sheep! Woolly hooligans! In the middle of London!


There was a pavilion with a Calypso band playing and all of the children looked as though they were having a lot of fun. Must kidnap someone’s children so I can get inside!

I walked past Charles Dickens’ local, The Lamb:

The nice thing about it being Sunday is that it was so quiet. Bloomsbury is fairly split between residential, academic (there are a ton of colleges and halls of residence) and offices. It’s all go during the week but in the weekend it’s as dead as the City just to the south. I walked towards the City through another couple of pretty squares and then turned right just before Holborn.


I can’t even explain to you how busy this street will be tomorrow.

Past the British Museum:

If anyone in London hasn’t been to the terracotta army exhibition you should, because I think it finishes very soon.

I headed up Tottenham Court Road for a spot of shopping. Not technically Bloomsbury any more, I think Tottenham Court Road marks the boundary between Bloomsbury and Fitzrovia. Then I turned and headed back East, past two of my favourite squares:

(home to Virginia Woolf, among others)

And Tavistock Square:

Tavistock Square was the site of the bus bombing on 7/7. Now it’s home to a peace garden with lots of memorials and the statue of Gandhi I have already talked about.

Then it was down to the Brunswick shopping centre for some food, and back home for some R&R.

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