I’ve been so busy this year that this is really my first finished project of the new year, and it’s April already! I think I showed you my finished Lush and Lacy cardigan back in January but that’s cheating because I’m fairly sure I finished it sometime between Christmas and New Year’s.

However, can you blame me? This cardigan is huge!


(in its defence, it is knit on 7mm needles, most people have found it fairly quick to knit, I did have a blanket on the needles at the same time, so I don’t think under normal circumstances it should take too long!)


These pictures are from Flicca’s first outing at Wilton’s Music Hall last night.

Pattern: Flicca, from Anna Bell

Yarn:  Sirdar Click, the pattern yarn.  It’s an acrylic/wool blend.  Normally I’d shy away from acrylic, however a) it was cheap, and the pattern required 19 balls, and b) it’s much lighter than pure wool and I was worried about it being too heavy and pulling out of shape.  So I’m happy with my yarn choice.

Modifications:  Instead of sewing in ribbon for reinforcement around the collar, which looks very pretty but also such a pain to sew, I just crocheted along the seam to reinforce it.  This means the cardigan now sits very well on my shoulders.

Verdict:  It fits well, didn’t take long to knit once I knuckled down to it, is warm and cosy and I love it!


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