Stephanie Dosen

Last night Ying Ying, Raj and I went to see Stephanie Dosen at Wilton’s Music Hall.


Where to start! Stephanie is a member of I Knit and one of my Ravelry friends (tinyowlknits). She is an amazing knitter who knits a lot of her own designs. If you are on Ravelry check out her stuff, it’s incredible. I may make her legwarmers one day. Anyway, I clicked through to her website from her Ravelry page (stalker, me?) and discovered that as if she didn’t already have enough talent she is also an incredible singer. You can listen to some of her stuff on myspace.


She’s fantastic live too, crazy in a very funny, endearing way. She entertained us with stories about foxes and haunted silos…


Which brings me to the venue. Wilton’s Music Hall is the world’s oldest surviving music hall. It is now semi-derelict which gives it a haunting, ethereal, magical atmosphere that perfectly suited the music. It’s definitely one of my favourite London places now.


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