Little luxuries

It’s hard to compare the lifestyle I have here in London to what I had in Christchurch. It’s just too different. I can’t say “I have a better lifestyle here” because there are some things that are not better – I live in a tiny flat with no living space, a grotty kitchen, and no garden. However my tiny flat is right in the centre of London. London! And that has a lot of lifestyle benefits.

While I try to live fairly frugally, my income permits a few little luxuries now and then – some fantastic cheese or olives from the Borough Market, perhaps, a bottle of fantastic wine now and then, and as you will know from some of my pictures I have lately been in the habit of keeping fresh flowers in my room. These I tend to buy reduced to clear at my local Waitrose, and they usually last several days after I buy them.

And I get to take photos of them!




One thought on “Little luxuries

  1. Mmm… fantastic cheese… Did you know that ordinary cheese is now a luxury item here in NZ? The average family can’t really afford it now, we came back after Christmas and suddenly it cost nearly a third of our weekly shopping budget! Basically cos of inflation, dairy, meta and fresh produce are off the menu for most 😦

    And yay flowers! They’re so pretty 🙂 Have you tried putting sugar in the water? Apparently this makes them last a few more days, though I haven’t tried it myself. I’m working on keeping a pot plant alive. I’m so proud I haven’t killed it yet!

    Ok this is turning into an email, byeeeeeeeeeee! 😛

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