Challenge time!

My workplace is encouraging us to take part in a walking initiative run by  I now have a free pedometer and a chart on which I have to report the number of steps I take every day for the next four weeks!  I’ve wanted a pedometer for a while because I’m really interested to know how many steps I do.  Some days my only walking consists of walking to and from the tube station.  Other days I have dancing or I’m walking all over London.  Stay tuned for my results…

A couple of days ago it was Walk to Work Day.  I didn’t do it but I did look up on exactly how long it would take me to walk to work.  The result – about three hours!  Three times as long as it takes on the tube.  No thanks!

The Walking Works site also has a link to a brilliant site that I haven’t heard of before, Hassleme: “Tell us what to hassle you about, and we’ll nag you via email at semi-unpredictable intervals.”  I am seeing all kinds of applications for this.  Mind you, my life is already ruled by Outlook tasks, my time recording software and my smartphone (yeah, and a computer that fits in your pocket seemed like such a good idea ten years ago…).  The built-in GPS should come in handy for the walking though!


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