Vitamin D

Yesterday the sun shone on London town. It was by far the warmest day we’ve had all year. Dan is down from Warrington for the weekend, so I decided to take him to Greenwich. I hadn’t been there either so we both got to play tourist. It was so lovely being out in the sun and warmth!



Dan went a little bit pink, but my spf 15 moisturiser did the trick. And the Vitamin D is all good.

Panorama 1

We walked up to the observatory and saw the Greenwich Meridian. Then we had a wander through the park and markets, back to the Thames where we caught a boat to Tower Bridge.

Dan is an engineer so was very interested in the inner workings of the bridge mechanism. The bridge used to be raised and lowered through a steam driven hydraulic motor, but now electricity does the trick and the old engine room is open to the public. We also saw them raising and lowering the bridge twice for a ship to go through.


Then last night we went to see Fat Freddy’s Drop at the Hammersmith Apollo (which my parents still call the Hammersmith Odeon). There were Kiwis as far as the eye could see! We bumped into our friends the Greens (who you may recall from the Waitangi Day Pub Crawl) – my friend Claire was there, and her boyfriend Greg who just happens to work with Dan – it was a real Christchurch/London moment. Not to mention the ever-lovely Kat and Lizzie.

The show was sold out and apparently the scalpers were doing a roaring trade. Inside, the place was packed with seating upstairs and standing down. I estimated there were about 5000 people there, and Wikipedia confirms that is how many people the venue holds in that configuration (a point which I must remember to smugly point out to Dan). Some definite Kiwi pride happening!




Thanks for visiting, Dan!

More busy times lie ahead… stay tuned for more trips away and more visitors!


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