I really, really wish Tori was still living in Prague, as that would have made it even more awesome! But armed with her tips, I travelled there with Steph and her friends Kim and Mel for the long weekend.

One of the best things about Prague is the currency – they still use crowns and haven’t switched to the Euro yet. What with the Euro being so high that makes Prague a very good place for Brits to take our holidays! We ate (and drank) rather a lot throughout the weekend. Czech beer is yummy!

Some photos, with explanations where I can be bothered:

View of the Charles Bridge, the most famous bridge in Prague

Death, detail of the Astronomical Clock in the Old Town Square. He rings his bell on the hour.

Street scene by the Old Town Square

I loved all the painted buildings

Lunch overlooking the river. The cafe was down a very narrow passageway, so narrow in fact that it needed this:


Traffic lights!

View from the cathedral at Prague Castle

Window in the cathedral painted by Mucha. Unfortunately I didn’t have time to go in the Mucha gallery. I’ve always been a fan of Mucha. In my bedroom in our old holiday house we used to have a Mucha poster of Sarah Bernhardt that I loved, I wish we had kept it. I suppose I could just buy it again. In the end I bought Printemps, which is now up on my wall, and a couple of postcards.

Making a wish on the Charles Bridge – you have to put one finger on each star and wish.

One of the highlights of the trip for me was going to see Carmen at the State Opera. It cost 100 crowns each for the cheapest seats, which works out to under £4. The opera was great! I knew the music of course but didn’t know the story very well. Don Jose is a soldier who ditches the lovely (and plucky) girl his mother wants him to marry in favour of Carmen, who never loves anyone for longer than six months. He turns to a life of crime with her, but inevitably she tires of him and ditches him for the toreador. He tries to get her back but she tells him she doesn’t love him any more. He asks her to come with him again. She says no again. He still can’t get it through his thick head. Carmen tells him once more that she doesn’t love him and throws his ring back at him. Mad with jealousy he kills her, then waits around to be arrested for her murder. Moral of the story? Men really are idiots.

Panorama – click through to flickr to see the whole thing.


One thought on “Prague

  1. I really like you pics. It looks like you had a good time in Prague! The only thing i want to add that should not be missed is Petrin Observation Tower in Prague, a smaller version of Paris’s Eiffel. It is is 60m tall, which doesn’t seem to be that high. But adding the Petrin hill, which is 318 m high itself! Imagine overlooking the whole of Prague with panoramic view, which is just magnificent. The only thing that it takes 299 step climb to reach the viewing platform. When the weather is good and air is clear you can see the highest peak in the Czech Republic. .Prague is very good place for tourism actually. I didn’t spend that much money and managed to have a really good hotel in the city center booked from Prague is the place to be! I liked it a lot


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