Funny things I’ve heard….

INT: SARAH’S room.  CANDICE is on her laptop looking at flat listings.


I just spoke to my Nana.  She wants to know if I’ve found myself a rich man yet.


What did you say?




Well, these things take time.  It’s a lot harder than flat hunting.  At least with flat hunting all the criteria are listed on the website, and the price!

Love that girl!

I also have a new addition to my tube announcement collection:

Ladies and Gentlemen, there are professional beggars working on this train.  Do not give them any money, it only encourages them and they probably earn more than what you do!

2 thoughts on “Funny things I’ve heard….

  1. Solution: combine everything: start searching for rich men among the professional beggars.
    But beware, as you learned from Carmen, Men really are idiots.

  2. Limiting possibilities of fiinding rich man if you post on your blog that all men are idiots! Some things better left unsaid!

    Alternatively maybe you should clarify your statement (which is Carmen message) that some men can be idiots when it comes to choosing a woman, but then so can some women……

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