Chapter 2

Well, it’s been forever since I’ve posted anything – over a month! And I completely missed my one year anniversary of being in London, which was the 27th of May. So after a bit of a hiatus, it feels like I’m starting a new chapter here. Or a new season even, if we’re thinking in TV terms. And it’s best to start on a high note.

I’ve just come home from Salsa on Sunday (SOS) – my first time there in forever! And accompanying me were not one, but two of my favourite dancers – Dan, who is visiting from up north, and Amit, an old dance partner over here for work. Now that’s a good guy to girl ratio if you ask me! They are two of my favourite people to dance with and it was loads of fun, although I must admit I’m feeling a little physically feeble at the moment. My Achilles problems are flaring up again which meant I couldn’t dance as much as I would have liked, and I’ve lost a lot of condition. By which I mean I’ve lost muscle, lost weight and lost fitness! Must do something about that! More dancing and I’ve been dying to play some tennis lately. Once I get the Achilles sorted that is.

I would have taken photos except by the time I remembered we were all far too sweaty!

But speaking of pictures, here’s a smattering so you can get an idea of what I’ve been doing lately:




Look! Smarmy bastard Chris has had a makeover!


Guess I wasn’t the only one offended by the first ad.


King Lear at the Globe!


Costume party at Kat’s. Please guess who I am! And yes the jeroboam of champagne (I learned a new word!) next to me was mine, I won it and no I did not feel very well the next morning.


Banksy was here.


Dan testing the theory that Pringles burn with a blue flame. They do not. Mythbusters!


Dan on his motorbike – ooh er!

And now we must sleep! But I shall return!


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