Ethical clothing

One of the things I’ve been trying to do since I came to the UK (or before, really) is to cut down on my consumption and be very careful about the things that I do buy. I think it fits in well with my knitting actually – and even with my knitting I have been trying out yarns from organic and sustainable sources such as organic cotton and wool, and bamboo. Knitting for me is about taking time, and being thoughtful, and creating something special. I won’t spend a lot of time knitting something that will only last one season, or that is made with cheap and nasty yarn. What if I applied that philosophy to my whole wardrobe? I want to wear clothes that will last, both in terms of quality and style, and that I can wear with pride in the knowledge that it has been ethically produced.

I have fallen down a few times and impulse-bought clothes that I later regretted buying. I have definitely cut down on my consumption though and I am careful about the shops I buy from, where the clothes are made and what they are made from. I read about the cotton industry not long before I left New Zealand and it was sobering stuff. There’s also the whole sweatshop issue, and the argument that if we do not buy the clothes, people will lose their jobs and be in even more poverty.

Anyway I will philosophise more later perhaps. In the meantime I have been compiling a list of ethical fashion companies that I thought I would share here.

That’s for starters anyway.  Hopefully I will return to this topic soon!

In the meantime I’m curled up in bed waiting for the gas man to come.  Had to take the day off work because of it so I hope they come!  But I’m glad I did anyway, it’s grey and nasty outside and I feel like crap.  Too much exertion yesterday perhaps.  Or maybe I’m just thinking too hard!  My brain hurts.


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