Ah yes, knitting…

WELL.  There has been a bit of a hiccup in the knitting lately.  See, I was knitting the Blue Sky Alpacas Scoop Neck Vest, which is a lovely pattern (although I’m a bit worried about ribbing and alpaca), but there was one slight problem… I’d knit about 3/4 of it (at least) before I recounted the stitches and realised I’d cast on the wrong number.

Since it is now well and truly summer, I have ditched the vest until the weather gets colder.

NEXT!  I have some RYC Cashcotton DK that I picked up at the Liberty sale.  I want to make a nice summery cardigan.  I’m thinking of the Tulip Kimono, but there are two issues with the pattern as I see it: 1.  it’s too short.  I have a fairly long torso so I think it would need to be longer.  2. the ties are meant to give it an empire waist but in that photo they just look too low.  Now, the model isn’t exactly well-endowed so it may sit a bit higher on me, but I think I’ll have to move the ties as well.

The question is, if I can’t even count, can I trust myself to make these changes?  Stay tuned! (any suggestions welcome)


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