Mamma mia!

Well!  Today was good because of three things:

1. There was a thunderstorm.  Go go negative ion power!

2.  Actually I pretty much missed the thunderstorm because I was in Leicester Square at a special preview showing of Mamma Mia!  They had souvenir programmes and a couple of featurettes before the film and we felt very special

3.  I was there with the darling Claire, and it was wonderful to spend some time with her before she leaves the country this weekend – sob!

Oh but seriously, such a fun film!  It has Colin Firth AND Pierce Brosnan in it for starters.  And who knew Meryl Streep could overact?  She also has the best voice in the film, but then even if I’d never heard her sing I think I would have guessed that, as her speaking voice is so amazing.  Amanda Seyfried has an amazing voice too, no one else really stood out but that didn’t really matter in the context.  It was just so much fun is what matters!


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