It’s time to line up some new adventures, I think.

How many of you have ever tried Googling your own name? Every so often I do it, mainly to make sure none of my personal details ever come up. Anyway, I tried it today and guess what – there’s a pub in Essex named after me!  I must go there – who’s up for an excursion?

Reminds me a of a guy I met once called Aaron.  Him and his mate – also called Aaron – made a trip to the Isle of Arran once, just because of their names!  I’d like to go there too, but for a different reason.

If you are reading this take the Google challenge.  Google your name and link me to the most interesting page that comes up.

I’m feeling inspired to plan some adventures, so if anyone wants to accompany me let me know!  I’ll be up for it as soon as I’m feeling a bit less feeble at any rate… unless I die of the consumption first!


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