Battersea Power Station

Yesterday Rebecca, Jason and I went to see Battersea Power Station, which has been holding open days for the public. The former coal-run power station has been out of use for over a quarter of a century now, and various plans for redevelopment have fallen by the wayside. The building is listed however so it cannot be demolished.

Now there are big plans for a massive new development including apartments, shops, parks and a massive new eco-dome. The dome will have an enormous chimney, far larger than the power station chimneys. The chimney will draw up air heated by the sun and act as an air conditioner for the dome, as well as including a wind turbine that will generate extra power for the development. There will also be a new tube station and transport hub. It will be exciting if it all comes to pass!




Plenty more photos up on flickr

Afterwards we were in the mood for a Pimms, so we stopped off at a local pub:



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