Are you proud of me Rosa?

It was Jason’s birthday yesterday, and he had asked for a mint chocolate mud cake. Just to be difficult! The only thing is I really don’t like mint chocolate very much, so I came up with a clever solution:


Chocolate mud cake with after dinner mints stuck in the top!

The cake has over 400g of dark (85%) chocolate in it – it truly was death by chocolate. A little bit much for me but Jason had seconds. Half of the chocolate I bought in Belgium and the other half is fair trade organic stuff. I actually had a bit of a hangover this morning from eating this thing!

2 thoughts on “Are you proud of me Rosa?

  1. Yum! And I think that’s a perfect solution – I love after dinner mints, but would not enjoy the mint actually tainting the cake – chocolate cake should be just that!

    Wow, 85% would be quite deadly – I generally use Cadbury milk chocolate (about 30%) for my mud cakes, and they’re pretty chocolatey. On occasion I’ve used darker chocolate (~50%) but every time I do it I think it’s not as nice – of course, I haven’t had Belgian chocolate to use, but all the same…

    I’ve just been sent some Green & Blacks through a swap I did with someone in Ireland, so I’m trying that for the first time – it’s so intense!

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