Poor, neglected blog!

I should have some things to share by Sunday, I promise!

Last weekend I went to the Natural History Museum.  One word: Dinosaurs!  I swear I was 7 years old again.  I don’t care if it makes me a geek; I love my ability to get ridiculously overexcited about things.  Obviously I’m not at all cool, because cool people don’t get excited about anything.

That relates to my “do something new every weekend” goal that I set when I first came to London and forgot about for a while in the middle there.  I’m going to try and stick to it a lot better.

Another goal is to cook something new every week.  So far I’ve managed halloumi and courgette bruschetta, some lovely NZ green mussels in a crème fraiche and wine sauce, and sweet potato frittata (mmmm, kumera!) with tomato salsa.  I really ought to take some photos!

The weather here is crazy.  Yesterday I went to work in the sunshine, and came home in the sunshine, but in between we had just about every kind of weather imaginable including a great thunderstorm with lightning and hail.  There was a good view from my 9th floor window at work.  I walked home from Tottenham Court Road last night and it had that wonderful post-thunderstorm feeling: negative ions in the air, and lovely warm late summer light reflecting off the Museum of London and shining through the trees in Russell Square.  I love Bloomsbury and can’t imagine living anywhere but here.

2 thoughts on “Poor, neglected blog!

  1. I love the Natural History Museum, it’s possibly my favourite museum-type place, and definitely my favourite building in London 🙂 It just feels like it’s a cathedral to science, and I love all the little carvings.

    You make me miss London. Must work harder on looking at scholarships for when I finish honours…

  2. I am a geek, so “Woo for Giant Dinosaurs!”

    I made a similar resolution ages ago. Took a while to really do it, but so far I haven’t had a whole weekend in the flat since April!

    The thing that helped most is having a semi-public diary (See LJ profile). I can just point my friends at it and say, pick a date.

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