Farmer Phil’s Festival

So I decided to do something new and a bit out of character in the weekend.  Dan’s uncle (actually first cousin once removed) Phil has a farm in Shropshire, where every year he hosts a smallish, family-friendly festival.  Dan invited me along and I accepted!  So did Tania, who we met at the wedding a few weeks ago.

We arrived and set up camp:

Home sweet home!

That was the last time we saw the sun…

We hit the bar:

Dan was behind the bar for most of the weekend, which was handy for the free drinks!

We listened to some music. The first day there wasn’t much that was good, although I liked Chumbawamba. Everyone just associates them with “Tubthumping” but actually they are a political folk band. When the country louts in the audience realised they weren’t going to play Tubthumping there was a near riot! Brilliant.

The next day we headed into Shrewsbury for a couple of hours, and met Clive of India:

Charles Darwin was from Shropshire, and there’s a nice statue of him there too. I’m a big fan of Darwin, and read an interesting historical novel about him earlier this year called This Thing of Darkness. I can recommend it. We also encountered some very fervent Creationists, which was entertaining. I’m not sure if they were there because of the Darwin connection or if it was just a coincidence. It’s 150 years since The Origin of Species was published so maybe that’s why they were there.

We headed back to the farm, whereupon it started to rain. And rain. And rain. The wind was terrible too. It was so cold we could see our breath!

Here’s Tania battling the weather:


This was before it turned into a complete mudbath. By Sunday morning we felt like we were in the trenches!

I’m glad I went, it was a true Experience.

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