Although it’s only four days since the last weekend, it’s been a busy week! On Wednesday night I went with Candice and Jason to see the LSO play a free outdoor concert at Canary Wharf. They were playing music from science fiction films – much of which was originally recorded by the LSO. I loved it. The fact that I’ve been following the TV programme Maestro lately gave me an added appreciation for the conductor as well. Maestro is a celebrity reality programme where the celebrities have to conduct an orchestra, with the winner getting to conduct at the Last Night of the Proms (which reminds me, anyone want to go promming?) The first episode was gold, with the celebrities really struggling and the sound coming from the orchestra was absolutely hilarious. I didn’t watch all of the second episode yet but it seems that with only a week’s training from their mentors, the celebs had improved considerably – which is a bit less interesting to watch, unfortunately.

On Thursday night I went to the NZ Greens campaign launch, which included a screening of my friend Lizzie’s new climate change doco “The Age of Stupid”. Look for the cinema release some time next year, but hopefully the buzz will build a long time before that. Lizzie and director Franny have brought together the most incredible, interesting, complex characters from around the world – it’s just an amazing film. Sobering but also inspirational. I feel like a hypocrite for not doing all I can to stop climate change (for example the number of flights I take in a year… it’s shocking), but I have been making changes in the way I live. The important thing to realise is that everyone can do something about climate change. I’m going to start making some suggestions here on a regular basis and collate some helpful links as well.

Last night I spent a lovely evening hanging out with Rebecca, which was just what I needed after a very busy week not just after work but at work as well. Well, while I’m still busy I still have a job, I suppose.

And now it’s the weekend and I don’t have to think about work for two whole days. I’ve a party to go to tonight and some loose plans for the rest of the weekend, but I’m going to more or less go with the flow. It’s lovely to be in London for a second weekend in a row as it means I don’t have to spend the entire weekend doing washing and cleaning. I have a list of things I want to do so I may just go through it and pick one (or several). Whatever I do I’ll try and at least take some photos to liven things up on the blog a little!


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