I Knit

I Knit day was fabulous. I was there for seven hours but the day went by in a blur.


The highlight, of course, was seeing Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, aka the Yarn Harlot, speak. She is even funnier in person than she is on her blog!

The assembled throng waiting for Stephanie.

The Harlot herself!

This is how much knitting you can do during a Yarn Harlot talk.

After the talk I modelled my new Tulip Kimono cardigan:

Then I did a little shopping and bought myself a rug knitting kit, with massive yarn made from blankets and enormous knitting needles. After that I queued up to get my Harlot book signed. By the end of all that I was very tired so it was time to head home.

Back at Kings Cross, I fumbled around in my bag for my wallet, which contains my Oyster card. Hmm, can’t put my hand on it. I checked again. Checked my knitting bag just in case. Nope. Guess it’s been stolen then! I quelled the rising panic and made my way to the ticket gate attendant. He glanced towards me a couple of times but wouldn’t give me any attention. I had to wait several minutes to get out of the station, I was tired, my wallet had been stolen, I had a heavy bag, and I just wanted to go home. I allowed myself to despair for about five seconds. But there wasn’t much point to that. It was gone, what would stressing do to help?

Back at home I emptied out all three of my bags (handbag, knitting bag, bag containing rug kit). Still no wallet. Called the bank and cancelled my card, filled in a lost property form (you never know, SOME of the contents may turn up. What I’m most annoyed at is my wallet contained several train tickets for next week’s trip). Then the only thing to do was tidy my room. Hang up washing, clear my desk, pick up the contents of my bags that I tipped out – hang on, what’s this?

I picked up a piece of paper headed “25 ways knitting and stitching can help stress”. And smiled.


3 thoughts on “I Knit

  1. Love the tulip kimono. I hope very unpleasant things befall the villain who took your wallet and you not even a tourist but a local!

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