Next knits

I have finished my Tulip Kimono – photos to come soon I hope!

Today I’m off to I Knit Day, so I’m going to re-start my alpaca scoop neck vest – which stalled last time after I decided to knit in the round instead of flat, and got as far as the armholes before discovering I’d cast on the wrong number of stitches. This time I’m sticking to the pattern. It should be a quick knit, although I will probably put it aside after today to knit a baby sweater for a colleague’s new little one – still deciding on patterns for that though now that the pea pod baby sweater is no longer available online (and is trapped on my melted old hard drive)

So those are my next two projects, but given that there may be some buying of yarn today, I am looking at what is next in the queue. I can’t decide though! I really like everything in my queue.

I’m actually tempted to put it to the vote.  If I get enough votes, I’ll knit whatever comes top!

So choose your favourite!


Yogini Bolero:


Ingenue blouse:

Queen Anne’s Lace:

Equestrian blazer:

Gathered Pullover:



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