The end of summer

Last Saturday was absolutely stunning, and suspecting that it was probably the last day of summer I took my book and went and read in Russell Square – stopping only to buy some gelato on the way from the local farmer’s market.


Saturday night I went to John and Victoria (Jixie)’s 1st wedding anniversary party, which was appropriately paper-themed. Everyone had to wear something paper. Well, my Financial Times (pink!) ballgown fell apart in about the first hour, but it was a good night!



Sunday was mostly spent getting over my hangover, although I did go out salsa dancing in the evening, and possibly got filmed for an Argos commercial… hmm.

Cut to an extremely busy week at work trying to get a million and one things done, and equally busy evenings.

On Wednesday I ended up having a bit of an adventure. I went with Kashmira and her friend Sim to Kashmira’s friend’s house in Hounslow, for the Ganesh festival. So I got to worship Ganesh, who is probably my favourite Hindu god (Lakshmi’s cool, but you really can’t beat a four-armed elephant man). We took a pinch of turmeric and a pinch of vermilion, threw it on Ganesh and smeared the rest on our third eye.  I even drank Ganges water!  After the festival Ganesh is immersed in water.


I studied the festival at university (I WISH I had done more history at uni!), and its place in the Swaraj or Indian indepence movement, so it was cool to take part.

Last night I met a bunch of knitters I hadn’t met before and went out for dinner, getting absolutely soaked in a heavy downpour on the way!  It didn’t matter that I had an umbrella, this water was coming up from below as the streets turned into rivers… The food was good although vegetarian options were limited.  The service unfortunately not so good.  I think it’s a bit crap that you can go to a chain restaurant like Wagamama and get far better service than at a more upmarket place.  Oh well!

And today, I Knit…


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