Tulip Kimono


Pattern: Tulip Kimono from Knitscene, now available on the Interweave website.

Yarn:  5 balls of RYC cashcotton 4ply.  Purchased in the Liberty sale – 10 balls for £25.  I thought I’d picked up the DK and only realised my mistake about halfway through the cardigan.  Then I got a bit worried about tension – you see (more sensitive knitters may want to avert their eyes here) I tend not to swatch.  However, once I measured it looked like it would just turn out with a little less ease than planned, and I am happy with the fit.

Needles: Denise size 5s.  I didn’t go down a needle size for the garter edge on the body or sleeves.

Modifications:  Made the body one inch longer.

Thoughts: I am really pleased with this one. I took a risk because I really don’t think the cardigan looks all that good on the model.  Only 18 people on Ravelry had attempted it and there were hardly any decent pictures of it being worn.  The model in the picture doesn’t really fill out the top half of the cardigan properly, so the empire waist was rather droopy.  I considered modifying the pattern to fix this but in the end decided I didn’t need to – and it fits me a lot better than it fits her.  This would have been a perfect candidate for the Knitting Daily staff gallery if it had been up and running back then!

One other thought: I considered changing the lace pattern to something else but I’m glad I didn’t.  Those k5togs are murder, though!


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