Well, on the last glorious day of summer I spent the entire day inside, in the British Museum. The Hadrian exhibition was great, and afterwards I went to a lecture by Professor Robin Breeze, followed by the BBC documentary on Hadrian, presented by my future husband, Dan Snow. Sadly I think the happy day of our marriage is still some way off, perhaps owing to the fact that he doesn’t even know my name yet… well, we’re just taking things slow, that’s all!

Now it’s officially Autumn, and after the past fortnight’s bout of start-itis I’m in a finishing frenzy. Yesterday it was the Baby Surprise Jacket, today I finished the Scoop Neck Vest (photos soon! I’ll probably wear it tomorrow), and tomorrow I hope to finish several projects! But more on that later.

In the meantime, I’m nearly halfway through the rug:



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