Carbon Action #2

Lightbulbs! About eight months ago I replaced the incandescent lightbulb in our hallway with another incandescent bulb I found in the hall cupboard. The other day it burnt out. Digging around in the hall cupboard again I actually found an energy-saving bulb to replace it with (and got Jason to do it actually, as he can actually reach the thing!)

Anyway, my point is of course, when your incandescent bulbs blow out, replace them with energy-saving bulbs! Use up the ones you still have though as there’s no point creating extra landfill before you need to. Also, should your energy-saving bulbs ever blow out, make sure you dispose of them safely.

I watched an interesting program the other night on the BBC, called Earth: Climate Wars, which examined both sides of the climate change debate.  It went into all of the arguments by sceptics that climate change is either a) not happening at all or b) not caused by human activity.  I was really surprised by the strength of my reaction to this – I really, really wanted the sceptics to be right.  I wanted to be convinced by the arguments, so I would stop having to worry about flying, or buying too much stuff, or buying energy saving light bulbs.  Unfortunately, attractive as the arguments were, they were soundly demolished.  The next episode focuses on what we can actually do about it, and I will be watching with interest.

1 thought on “Carbon Action #2

  1. It’s the length of time they take to warm up that puts most people off I think.

    I think I’ve got about 4 sitting in a cupboard at home. Not because of the warm up time. We just keep getting given free bayonet ones, but only have screw sockets in our house (most of which do have energy saving bulbs now).

    It has amazed me ever since I was a kid when I hear people think that human activity is not having an impact on the climate.

    Just looking at how many more humans there are now, than there have ever been made it seem that the enviroment would take some imapct.

    And hearing about the impact of things like CFCs made it seem clear to me that a Gia (daisy world) like model wouldn’t work.

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